Farm - Market - Consumer

A singular dedication to consumer value

Miami - Vicenza - Moscow - Beijing


Farm - Market - Consumer

A singular dedication to consumer value

Miami - Vicenza - Moscow - Beijing

Hand Grading of Roses is not unusual at any farm in the world. The arrival condition of the roses into the hands of the consumer is where farms may distinguish themselves.

why we do what we do.....

Flora Global believes that a perishable item has three tipping points:

1/ Production 
2/ Logistics
3/ Sales

Each of these have its own contribution to the final real value and where jointly, the sum greatly outweigh the parts.

Flora Global works with customers to match production strengths with distinct global market realities.

The more value is perceived by the consumer, the higher the chance of a repeat purchase.

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Merchandising - "....because I always did it this way!!" Some consumers don't care nor even see the dirt, mess and lack of attention towards them. Most see it all, and make their buying decisions based on first impressions.

Flora Global focuses on how your customers buy and what they expect of their supplier (Retail/Wholesale). Get in tune with how a well merchandised area can grow your business volume/profits, quicken rotation, and lessen shrink.

Is it Fresh? - Do we know or even care how our flowers are processed, what affects a flower and how. We want  consumers to gets the most out of their purchase, and remember to come back for more.

Most farms process their flowers with the utmost care. The airlines get the flowers to its destination relatively well. Its not until the flower gets to its final leg of the journey that it may suffer the most.

Flora Global makes it easy to understand how, when and where a flower needs the most attention...

Logistics - 'Make sure it gets to the dock on time!'

Lets not lose sight of the goal, for the sake of getting the task done on time.

Perishables require of us to have a reset/rethink button that is always on.

In todays world, its silly to imagine a farm, with millions invested, yet may not cool down boxes/flowers correctly, only to arrive at the airport at 8-14° celsius....sending the shipment to unsuspecting customers, who now must invest $50-$200 per box in logistics charges.

The most meaningful floral programs can also suffer from human error. Little things like clean buckets; rotation; processing; flower food....all affect a consumer's value perception.